Remember the multi-awarded campaign for Wonderbra by TBWA London?

It generated headlines and made its CD Trevor Beatie and model Eva Herzigova famous. It was even voted the most iconic poster of all time by the public.

Not so in France.

No wonder (no pun intended). The h...

Do you type ‘translators’ into the search box when you need copy into another language? That may prove to be a costly mistake and here’s why.

What you actually need is a foreign copywriter, a transcreator. Not a translator. Translators are not trained to work on adverti...

“Comment on dit ‘langues étrangères’ en anglais ?” asked a giggling young French college student after being asked by a journalist in order to gauge her knowledge of English. This interview comes after a survey found that only 14% of French student can speak it. This r...

Recently, I was confronted with the issue of diversity and ethnicity in transcreation when a creative thought it would be a good idea to illustrate my script with a stock image of a black man. That’s when the problem started. Yes, I wanted a person of African origin, b...

Transcreation needs a long term commitment to both France and its media culture and to the British way of life and language. Hiring a young gun is attractive; until they very quickly run out of ammunition. Experience is what you need first, not how fresh faced she/he l...

January 25, 2019

Radio gaga

I recently experienced a couple of situations where bad decisions were made by clients regarding their handling of transcreation following my input. You know the “too many cooks” classic cases.

I was hired to work on a big digital account. I was asked to work...

October 23, 2018

A young girl heavily tattooed on her face, children comparing their parents’ unsafe habits in a frenzied competition. These scenarios are radio campaigns running in the UK and France respectively. The first one was devised by Ogilvy for sun protection lotion Soltan and...

June 9, 2018

Your online business is doing nicely and you’re planning to export your wares or services in Europe. You’re thinking postage costs, VAT, exchange rates, the timing between sending the items and the customer receiving it, basic logistics. You’re also planning a marketin...

March 28, 2018

                          "May 68 has done more for the glory of admen than for

                                    the glory of revolution." Régis Debray...

May 26, 2016



  1. The title of the 2011 Gang of Four album

  2. A gap to fill, as Dave Trott describes it


Everyone is so busy trying to keep up with new technology, no-one has time to think. Everyone is so busy creating content to fill gaps, no-one has time to question w...

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May 26, 2016

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