Sfriso Prosecco


Because letting Covid win wasn’t an option, a family-owned micro-winery in Northeast Italy, with a cancelled order of 6000 unlabeled bottles of Prosecco decided to launch a competition with One Minute Brief #Th6000Project.

Creatives, designers, illustrators or anybody else for that matter had to dress these bottles and design a label in order to help pre-orders bottles via a scheme ensuring these bottles were going to be sold. 

I designed a label with a modern twist on Baroque style with neon pink details and gold lettering.



Alexander McQueen for the NHS


During the Covid 19 lockdown, Alexander McQueen asked their Instagram community #McQueenCreators to sketch a dress from their A/W 2019 collection. I participated to the project with an illustration (see left) and they shared some of our creations to be featured on billboards in London Piccadilly Circus, Milan and New York to thank the NHS and frontline workers around the world. 

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