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French and global campaigns

Here's a selection of campaigns I have worked on as a French-English copywriter and transcreator.

I also put teams of foreign copywriters together and project manage global campaigns as a creative lead.
All campaigns are in French unless stated otherwise. 

From the latest


Web content, social posts, eCRM


BrewDog the company that invented the famous Punk IPA wanted a French Punk copywriter so they got me! BrewDog has a definite TOV that translators just couldn't master where a deep kowledge of British cultural references is paramount. I create and transcreate copy for their content, product descriptions, social ads, eCRM, and various promos.

Billboards, TV idents, social posts

Prime Video Ligue 1

Empire Design

After a fierce battle between broadcasters to win the rights to show the French Ligue I, not only Amazon Prime Video has won the contest, but PSG managed to sign Messi in the meantime, guaranting huge audiences for the L1 and Prime Video. I create posters, social posts, tunnel wraps, TV idents. 

2021-06-24 (2).png
2021-06-24 (3).png

Posters, activations  - English


Steve - Paris

Gorillas is one of the new grocery delivery platforms on the market. Their proposition is delivering groceries in 10 minutes from the order made on the app.  Steve is an agency based in Paris that was competing for the account. I transcreated billboards, and activations from French into English.

McArthurGlen Hacked 2.png

TV, OOH, press, radio, advertorials, paid social, paid search, digital display, events



McArthurGlen is a designer outlet with centres in several European countries including 3 centres in France. I transcreated 4 creatives routes for a new campaign. Headlines, radio, social posts, activations. I also created deliverables including social posts (virtual shopping, sale, Christmas), advertorials, and events. I provided cultural insights regarding in particular children and diversity in France.

2021-06-24 (5).png

TV scripts, radio, social posts, sponsoring, events
- English

Meetic - Match.com

Marcel Wld Paris

Meetic is the top dating app in France and the French brand name for Match.com in the UK. Marcel Paris has created several scripts, social posts and events to relaunch the app. I transcreated all the material from French into English.

Web content, eCRM, guides


Mollie is a payment system platform for eCommerce businesses operating throughout Europe. I transcreate a variety of digital content including their website and eCRM. I also revise all their translations in order to make their communication fit for marketing purposes. This is a high-volume type of workload that needs a fast turnaround and liaising with an international team. 

 "Thank you for ensuring the translation was completed in good time, and to a high standard!" -  Megan Griffiths, Partner Support Specialist, Mollie

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Vita Coco

I created concepts, headlines, and endlines for 2 new campaigns destined for the French market. It included the launch of new products. Vita Coco is also active in communities where coconuts are grown with programmes aimed at helping local people to overcome poverty. Part of the brief was to make consumers aware of these actions.  

Digital B2B ads


I created a series of witty headlines for posts on Pinterest.  They wanted to attract businesses from diverse sectors in a campaign advertising their products and services to customers. 


Posters, illustrations


Alexander McQueen for the NHS

and more

During the Covid 19 pandemic, I  participated in a number of initiatives 

notably for Alexander McQueen for the NHS, One Minute Briefs, and personal projects.

See here.

2020-03-13 (36).png
2020-03-13 (37).png

Multichannel campaign, retail, packaging - English


Diageo - MRM//McCann - Creative Equals 

I took part in the Creative Comeback 2020 programme organised by Creative Equals. We were given the chance to pitch for a Baileys campaign. I teamed up as an English copywriter with an AD and a designer, and with the support of MRM//McCann we produced a multichannel campaign for the Autumn season with a witchcraft theme. We presented to Diageo. Full presentation here

Creative Equals made a film about the programme that was shown at Cannes 2020 here.

Video - German


JÄ germeister

Engine Creative

Jägermeister is a world-famous brand with a cult following. They collaborate with artists and DJs. A highly creative approach was needed and we provided German copywriting for a video VO, various headlines and banners. Creativity, a fast turn-around and reactivity were crucial to this client and we responded accordingly.

Press ads, TV

Dove logo.png


Ogilvy UK

I transcreated straplines for a new product range launch under the Dove brand for women. Work under NDA.

Video, social, eCRM, app




Children are naturally reluctant when it comes to brushing their teeth regularly. In order to help parents and encourage their children to brush their teeth correctly, Unilever has created a "magic" toothbrush, Signal Playbrush, under the French  Signal toothpaste brand. It works along with an app on the telephone. Games, funny characters and rewards are part of a programme made to implement a routine. 

I transcreated web content, social media posts, eCRM and the app into French.

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Capture d’écran (94).png
Capture d’écran (92).png

Cultural insights, imagery [product naming]

Kronenbourg 1664

Haines McGregor

In the world of premium lagers, Kronembours 1664 is a leader in France. However, the market has become more competitive with craft beers. and Kronenbourg wanted to create a new label for this new market.

They wanted to study new tendencies by setting up workshops to test ideas. They asked me to come up with themes and cultural insights around aspects of the French way of life and beer consumption. I created 16 themes typical of France's cultural landscape, with matching imagery.

Cultural insights, radio, digital ads

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Screenshot (140).png




LinkedIn plays a major role as a recruiter. However, it occupies a unique position as a network of professionals who use LinkedIn as a social media rather than a job board. LinkedIn wanted to launch a major campaign in France targeted at potential recruiters from small and medium companies. As a French creative lead, I created concepts and scripts tailored to the French market taking into account socio-economic factors, different from the US market in every way. My work was crucial in finding the right rationale, tone and people in order to generate scripts that were realistic and meaningful to a French audience. 

eCRM, social, cultural insights, product naming

Photobox French CRM
Photobox French CRM
Photobox French CRM
Photobox Inst. 3.png
Photobox inst. 1.png

Photobox     London - Paris

Coolr     London

Photobox needed French input across all their departments. I created and transcreated copy for the French market and as a template for Southern Europe. ECRM, social media, website content, product naming, launch and copy, blog.  The high volume of work demanded a quick turnaround with launches of products and promotions happening simultaneously. I also provided a consultancy service, advising on the relevance of campaigns and products for markets in Europe, and SEO search terms. I also created a glossary for a more cohesive approach to French copywriting. 

I also collaborated with Coolr their social media agency and created posts for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Weleda Baby  Calendula.jpg
Weleda Madonna.jpg

Press ads


Select Life - Hamburg


Weleda is a world-famous German beauty brand. It was created in the 20s to promote a healthy lifestyle and natural products made from plants. The work involves press ads for the French market, concepts and taglines.

2021-02-16 (2).png

POS material




I transcreated POS material for Starbucks featuring their new winter coffee flavours.

Film script, VO directing



Danone has adopted a company's new signature One Planet. One Health, reflecting their vision that the health of people and of the planet are interconnected. It aims to nurture healthier and more sustainable eating and drinking habits. I transcreated and rewrote a promotion script and tagline for Danone Day. I also directed the VO in the studio. Music by Sting. 

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Product naming


I created names for Innocent smoothies. in French. The various ingredients and colours were used as a basis for inspiration. The tone is humorous and playful, taking elements from popular culture, play on words and childhood memories. 

TV scripts, sponsoring

LesFurets.com peluche.jpg

LesFurets.com /comparethemarket.com

LIDA - VCCP Blue London


LesFurets.com is the French version of comparethemarket.com. The Meerkats have their own French counterparts Hervé and François. The TV scripts are different but the humour has remained the same. The campaigns through VCCP for the French market include TV commercials and sponsoring.

Adi Dassler Press Ad Sweden
Adidas Press Ad Sweden
Adidas Press Ad Poland

Press ads, TV - 30 languages



Leagas Delaney - 180 Amsterdam


Adidas has been one of the most exciting and challenging international accounts we’ve ever been given to work on. We produced 500 projects in 30  languages in partnership with Leagas Delaney and 180 Amsterdam over 7 years. The language of Adidas campaigns reflects the ever-changing landscape of our urban lifestyles. They are greatly influential.

It has demanded constant high standards and unfaltering commmitment  to creativity. The results were impactful and pertinent messages for an international audience who regards Adidas as a cult brand. 

Habitat Print France
Habitat Print France
Habitat Catalogues Germany
Habitat Catalogues France

Posters, catalogues, POS material - 2 languages




Habitat is the ever innovative design company for which we created posters, catalogues, product copy + PR for the French and German market. Original French copywriting from brief. Poster campaign for the French market.

Dyson press Ad France

Press ads, TV, manuals - 3 languages



Working in collaboration with James Dyson, we produced press ads, TV scripts, manuals and booklets in French, German and Turkish. A unique USP made those as inventive as Dyson  products.

EA Print Sweden
EA Print Netherlands
EA Print France

Press ads - 9 languages



The video gaming industry is one of the most creatively demanding. We worked with EA/EA Sports (FIFA) on many projects, in print and radio, in up to 9 languages.

Press ads, TV, DM

Häagen-Dazs logo.jpg
IBM logo.png
Hugo Boss logo.png



BBH London 

I've worked on  all BBH global accounts, notably IBM with John Hegarty. French transcreation for press ads, TV scripts, DM.

2015-02-10 15.04.51.jpg

Press ads


Widen + Kennedy Portland - Amsterdam 


I worked on the first European transnational campaign for Nike Women fitness in collaboration with Cosmopolitan. My copy was published subsequently in Campaign magazine. I also transcreated Men's Athletics press ad campaign.

Guinness Promotion Mauritius
Guinness Print West Africa
Guinness Poster Cameroon

Radio, posters, manuals, promotional material

Guinness Brewing Worldwide

Saatchi & Saatchi London Johannesburg


I worked 18 years on Guinness Brewing Worldwide pan-African business. I have produced posters, radio scripts, promotional material and manuals for French-speaking West Africa and Mauritius. I collaborated with GBW and a number of agencies in London and Africa, most notably Saatchi & Saatchi in London and Johannesburg. 

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