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One Minute Briefs

One Rule. One Minute. Create an ad.

One Minute Briefs have been set up by The Bank of Creativity's founder Nick Entwistle. It posts a daily brief on Twitter and as the rule says, you create an ad as quickly as you can and post it on their account. It's a daily exercise that keeps you excited about advertising and encourages creativity,

Here are some of my entries.

2023-04-21 (3).png
Biscuit 3.jpg
Screenshot (165).png

#Backpacks @Herschel

Do you know why French broadcasters don't spell ChatGPT in French Because it spells.png

Create posters to campaign against #AI & #ChatGPT taking over the creative world and show that #RealIntelligence will always be better.

Sofa 3.jpg



2023-02-20 (3).png


You Unfiltered. Empowered & Individual.

A F** you to traditional online dating.


The Lilt brand is being replaced by Pineapple and Grapefruit Fanta

Screenshot (117).png



@WorldBollardsDay #Bollards

Screenshot (125).png


Screenshot (115).png

#WWF #WorldWithoutNature

Promoting the 3rd of March Day of World Without Nature via big brands

2023-02-02 (2).png



#VapianoUK #VapsPaddington

The Italian chain restaurant wanted a poster to promote their new restaurant in Paddington and the new Elizabeth line. 

2023-01-26 (8).png


2023-01-23 (2).png


Replace the name of a brand by a film title

loaf poster omb.jpg


Replace the name of a brand by a band

Screenshot (85).png

#WWF_UK #YearoftheTiger

Adopt a Tiger with WWF

Nuts and bolts 2.jpg
Nuts and bolts for car manufacturers.jpg


Nuts and Bolts for car manufacturers

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