• Catherine Laz

Aren’t you being unreasonable?

Hahaha you’re looking for what? A copywriter who’s experienced in promoting space travel? Hahaha who only wears green socks and lives in South London? So, no you don’t want someone who’s worked for the travel industry, with Sir John Hegarty, and lives in North London? Understood. Right...

If you think that’s sound absurd, you haven’t been to an interview lately for a creative job then. This exchange is only slightly more OTT than what I’ve been through or heard from recruiters recently.

Creativity doesn’t come into it. Old fashioned experience, in the broader sense of the term, doesn’t count, it is even frowned upon. The value of trust is unknown.

If you think that’s stupid, you’re either dishonest or you have no idea how creatives are hired these days.

Interviewers half your age who don’t read CVs before meeting with candidates, asking what school you’ve been (like decades ago), if you have kids to feed at night, or if you are able to write tweets. Having great references, worked on the most prestigious campaigns ever, with the most famous creative directors in the world counts for beans because only one thing move them.


They’re afraid that outside their narrow brief, they can’t trust the person in front of them to think, adapt and create something great. They live and work inside silos. Is it a consequence of our fragmented world? Most probably, the fact that they can deal only with people who are like them and think like them and who don’t have to be confronted or mix with people who are different from them. The fact that you can choose a partner by swiping left or right. That you can order exactly what you want by a click and it comes to your door almost right away.

Sorry, but hiring creatives doesn’t work like that. But do not fear. You’ll soon learn that the pool of people you’re looking for is pretty minuscule and very quickly you’ll run out of talents. In the meantime, I do not wish you good luck because you’re probably too dumb to recognise them and understand that skills come first, not ready-made formulas that you just can get on tap.

So stop wasting our time. Come out your narrow vision and start by understanding what creativity is all about. It doesn’t come by clicking on a button but by trusting creatives’ brains. Leave the rest to us.

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