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Thank you for considering me as part of your team

of transcreators. Before embarking on a working relationship together, this is what I think should happen between us first:




           "The industry needs to remember that creatives are the real talent." - Sir John Hegarty,             BBH


  • I am a senior copywriter in advertising specialised in transcreation.                                        Creativity is paramount.


  • I don’t do translations and I am not a linguist.

        My background is the advertising, marketing and creative industry.


  • If you are a translation company offering transcreation as part of your services, our cultures may be too different to work together as a team.


  • Whoever you are, please visit my website first and request my résumé. If you delegate the brief to someone else, make sure they have.





           "A principle isn't a principle until it costs you money." - Bill Bernbach, DDB


  • Please allow at least half a day for any job or I may not be able to help. A tagline, for example, is a creative job, not a translation; it needs a minimum of time for creativity to work. Have the courtesy to discuss fees first and call before emailing any urgent job.


Ex: headlines/taglines require a minimum of half a day and £150.00 fee. It includes a number of options, back-translation into English, comments and revisions. It is fair, it is realistic.


  • Tests take time and money. Before asking for a test, request a sample. I may apply a minimum of £50 for a test.





           "The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and we miss it,

             but we aim too low and we reach it. " - Michelangelo.


  • Comments I got after tests set out by translation and transcreation companies were never about creativity or advertising. You may not contact me if technicalities are

     more important than creativity or if you or your employees have no background in                   advertising, as it is very often the case.


  • I founded and co-founded two transcreation agencies in the past 25 years (DECODER TRANSCREATION, WORLD WRITERS), along with Transcreators United. I know what clients expect. I endeavour to deliver a perfect copy each time, using a spell-checker, respecting deadlines, to the best of my ability and my extensive experience in global advertising.


  • I am French before anything else with all the idiosyncrasies it entails. This is the reason why you are using my services in the first place. I value conversations above anonymous comments, human contacts above lapidary emails. I hope you do too.

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