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Thank you for visiting this section before you may contact me or ask for an interview. These questions cover everything you may be unclear about transcreation, common misconceptions and practicalities. I invite you to read my guidelines for further information. 





  • What is a transcreator in advertising?


A transcreator is a copywriter who has worked in advertising agencies in his/her country as well as in London. He/She is able to adapt campaigns and marketing documents from English into his/her own language. He/She is a creative. 


  • What is the difference between a transcreator and a translator?


A translator is not a creative. A translator is not a transcreator. A translation diploma will never prepare anyone for a career as a copywriter in advertising. 

A product copywriter, a content copywriter or a journalist is not copywriter in advertising either. 

When hiring an English copywriter you meet them first. The same level of care ought to be applied when hiring a foreign copywriter/transcreator with the right training and experience. 


Please, check my guidelines here for more information.


  • Can we meet?


Please visit my website and request my CV prior to any meeting.

Read “How long have you been living here?” paragraph, below.

Please be aware of anti-discriminatory laws and in particular anti-sexist and anti-ageist policies. Ideally, if interviewed by a man and another person, it ought to be a female of equivalent seniority.


  • Who do you work with?


International networks of agencies, independent agencies, clients and transcreation agencies.

Anyone connected to the creative industry.


                                                                          Creativity in crisis


"I'm bored. Bored of how toothless, gutless and increasingly anodyne our industry has become"  - Justin Tindall , Group chief creative officer, M&C Saatchi - Private View, Campaign, November 2017

"Being a great creative takes courage and vision and believing your own point of view.

Ultimately, it's key to not let the world change you. It may try to knock you down as a creative, but you have to stick with your gut despite whatever is swirling around you." 

- PJ Pereira, Chief creative officer, Pereira & O'Dell - Cannes Lions, The Drum, October 2017




  • Where do you work?


I can work on-site or remotely. I can also Skype.


  • How long have been living in London?


I am based both in London and Paris. It is my job to maintain an active link with the French advertising and media scene, which is part of a genuine transcreator’s working life. This takes a clear commitment.


I work with French clients and French agencies. I get “Le 13H de Stratégies” in my mailbox daily, the French equivalent to Campaign Magazine.


I live exclusively in French households in both cities, where I only speak French. I listen to France-Inter daily, read the papers (Libération, Ouest France), French magazines/literature/BD, watch French ads/TV, films etc.


I have lived in London long enough to know the advertising and media scene. I work with London agencies and international clients and agencies.


A French copywriter just arrived from Paris and who has only worked in France may seem like the guarantee of an up-to-date copywriting solution.Wrong, especially with a digital native.  


It takes years of experience to understand that international clients want integrated campaigns, a deep understanding of the British culture and language which cannot be gained by having solely lived and worked in France.


Without having experienced the pitfalls of transcreation for a number of years, a junior copywriter won’t be able to guarantee what it takes for a successful transcreation. He/she won’t have the set-up I can offer as he/she will have the tendency to cut off from the French ad scene and lifestyle in general, even reject it.


  • What can you do a junior French copywriter cannot?


Mastering transcreation as a craft at high velocity, with years of experience embedded in an adaptive mindset. Always looking forward to new challenges and possibilities, with a proven record in entrepreneurship.


Achieving universality driven by the ability to understand diverse target markets beyond any narrow vision partly due to the digital environment and a limited work experience.


Cutting through and breaking complex problems down into the simplest form, enabling the emergence of a clear vision.


Innovating through new creative ideas supported by a rich knowledge of advertising history, both in France and the UK. Using the past as a springboard to the future. 


                                               The youth cult distorts business practices


"Without older practitioners, we get stuck in Groundhog Day. The result? The industry answers these problems with inexperience, using shiny new innovations, not-to-be-missed opportunities, must-be-jumped-on bandwagons.  These innovations eventually emerge as a false dawn.By failing to learn from experience, we are continually setting ourselves up to fail." -IPA paper 2017  




  • Can you create a campaign from brief?


I am a copywriter in advertising and I am trained in advertising and marketing, unlike translators. I graduated in advertising and marketing in Paris, trained as a copywriter at Havas Paris. I started as a copywriter and transcreator at JWT Paris. See my work here


  • Can you offer strategic thinking and marketing advice?


I am a consultant in advertising and marketing and can offer brand strategies and creative routes for clients as a basis for creating campaigns. I participate in pitches.


  • Do you have digital media experience?


I work in digital marketing, articles, content, websites, eCRM on a regular basis. See my work here. 


  • Are you fluent in English?


I back translate all my work for the agency and client, with comments in English.

I have published work deposited at the British Library and the London College of Communication/ UAL library.




  • Do you accept tests?


Yes, but I may charge you a minimum fee.

You may look at my work and client list first or request samples instead.

Please contact me here 


  • Do you have samples?


You may look at my work and client list first. For samples, please contact me here.


  • What is your day/hourly rate?


Please contact me here stipulating the nature of the work. That will determine the price level.


  • Do you have a CV?


Please contact me here.




  • What is the impact of the Brexit referendum on transcreation?


The advertising industry doesn’t seem aware of the very negative impact the referendum is having on the French citizens living here. From open animosity to hate crimes, EU citizens have experienced it including me.


The London creative scene is still vibrant but perceptions are changing and it’s risking to appear not as attractive as it used to be. Amsterdam and Berlin are taking centre stage and young French/EU creatives consider these cities as better prospects. Paris is on the up with the biggest start-up hub just launched by President Macron.


The British government intends to create “a hostile environment” for immigration. Brexit will make it more difficult to attract and retain foreigners in the creative industry.


  Advertising Association warns of Brexit talent loss with 'Great Advert For Britain'


The Advertising Association has launched a campaign, called "A Great Advert For Britain", to celebrate the role of foreign workers in the ad industry and warn it is under threat because of Brexit. - Campaign October 2017

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